The rhinoceros is a large herbivore mammal native to Africa and Asia. Our planet Earth is home to five species of rhinoceros – the Black rhino and the White rhino, which live in Africa, and the Sumatran, Javan and Indian rhino, which inhabit the tropical forests and swamps of Asia. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the Black, Javan and Sumatran rhino are now considered to be critically endangered, the White rhino are nearly threatened and Indian rhino are vulnerable at present.

The rhino is prized for its horn. The horns of a rhinoceros are made of keratin, the same type of protein that makes up hair and fingernails in most animals including humans. Rhino horn is used in traditional Chinese Medicine to cure a variety of ailments and is supposed to be an aphrodisiac. In Yemen, the rhino horn is used for the handles of curved daggers called 'jambiya', as its luster increases with age. Because of all this, the rhino horn is considered to be very valuable in the market and hence, rhino poaching for illegal trade of the rhino horn has caused rhino numbers to drop rapidly throughout the globe. Several subspecies like the Northern White rhino and the Eastern Black rhino have been declared extinct in recent years, although some may survive in remote regions.

Save Our RHINOS Africa & India

Rhinos are under extreme threat worldwide. It is mainly due to illegal poaching to source rhino horn. Kevin Pietersen's passion for batting is only exceeded by his passion for rhino conservation. The mission is to save rhinos from extinction. We are committed to rescue abandoned, injured, and orphaned rhinos and to rehabilitate them wherever possible. Through various organizations we enlist the help of veterinarians, nutritionists, ecologists, and other specialists, to ensure the successful rehabilitation and release of these animals.
SORAI (save our Rhino’s in Africa and India) is KP’s initiative for the ongoing preservation and protection of Rhino’s in Africa and India and the ongoing education, awareness and public support of this issue globally.


KP has been a passionate advocate of this serious environmental issue and has dedicated his public image and global identity to this issue to support the wellbeing of these beautiful animals, a significant contributor to tourism in both countries. The strategy is to create and link the activity of cricket and KP for the business development of the brand and its range of products to support a cause related campaign with proceeds of KP’s efforts and sales of the product to be channeled to identified wildlife charities supporting this cause.
100% of donations made to SORAI & 20% of all proceeds from your purchase will be given to charities in Africa & India.


Sorai now on Amazon UK

SORAI is a wildlife conservation initiative strongly headed by former English cricketer Kevin Pietersen, that aims to contribute..

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World Rhino Day 2018

An ardent supporter of rhino conservation, Kevin Pietersen, yesterday, announced that he will be working with National Geographic on a documentary on the plight of the rhinos in Africa.

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Hope for Northern White Rhinos

For the second time this year, a southern white rhino at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park has been impregnated via artificial insemination as researchers look ...

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How Sorai began?

SORAI: The Launch

SORAI: The Beginning

A range of SORAI merchandise is now available worldwide. In India, Amazon IN are our exclusive partners for distribution. For Australia, UK, USA and rest of the world you can head over to our global E-Bay store . 20% of proceeds from the sales of the merchandise will go to support the fund raising and educational activities for rhinos in Africa & India. Products with registered trademark “Rhino” branding such as caps, mugs, wrist bands etc are available to buy now. You can click on the link(s) above.

These product are available for sale to the global consumer who are willing to engage and support this cause.


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